Build your own home page with a wide variety of sections.


Your home page is broken down into what Shopify calls Sections. These are the ‘chunks’ of content that stack from top to bottom as you scroll down your home page.

By default, you should have the ‘Header’ section at the very top and the ‘Footer’ section at the very bottom, and (depending on your chosen ‘Style’) different moveable sections in between.


Shopify introduced Sections to the theme editor late in 2016. Themes created before October 2016 do not have sections.

Sections allow you to add new content sections to your homepage, and change the settings live to suit your needs. You can add, among others:

  • Slideshows
  • Collections
  • Products
  • Maps
  • Newsletters
  • Videos

You can also toggle the visibility of these with a single click by clicking on the ‘eye’ to the right of each section.

When you select a section to be moved, you can see how this new arrangement would look on your site within the editor. Only when you save these changes on a published theme will they be reflected on your Storefront.

Super simple and super quick!

To view your Sections and make changes to them, you can do this here:

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store > Themes > Customise
  3. Theme Settings

Click on one of the sections and drag it to move it. You will see that the right-hand-side preview window updates to give you a peek at how this will look, in real-time. 

Once you let go, the section fits into place and you can choose to save your changes if you wish, or you can revert, by clicking this arrow:

More information is available on Sections here:

Further reading

Here is the Shopify document introducing Sections back in 2016:

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