Collections list

Choose your very best collections and increase their visibility by adding them to your Homepage.


By showcasing a list of hand-picked collections, you reinforce the element of choice and breadth when it comes to fulfilling the customers’ needs.

The ‘featured collections’ section is an opportunity to highlight your primary products and present additional products and services that the customer may not have realised you sell. For example, a person shopping for walking boots may have not realised that you also sell boot a range of premium polish for these too, as well as waterproof jackets.

How do I get started?

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store > Themes > Customise
  3. Sections
  4. Choose "Add section"
  5. Choose "Featured collections"


Follow the above steps and you will see these options:

Color scheme

Minimal: Features a clean white, crisp design.

Light: Shows a very delicate, light grey.

Feature: Pulls in from your choices in settings > colors.

More information can be found here:

Dark: Displays a more weighty tone of charcoal grey.


You can change the section title by editing the 'Heading' field. (This is just plain text, so can't include any bold or italic text). This field is not a required field, so if you prefer not to have a title, just leave the box blank.

Banner Image

As of version 14.3 and later, you have the option to add a banner image to the top of the collection list page,  with parallax and size options. 

The Overlay header can also work with this when the Collection list page is turned on in the header area

Flow - Collection List - Adding a Banner Image


Add the text of your choice here, including bold and italic styling plus links.


Feature up to 6 collections in this section, using the “content blocks” to maximise your collections’ exposure.

Each content block displays one collection. Add and remove content blocks to increase or decrease the amount of collections shown on your storefront.

To add a collection, click “add collection”. Expand a content block by clicking it:

Swap content blocks around by clicking and dragging:

Once your content block is expanded, you will see the option “select collection”:

To delete a content block, expand that block and select the trash can icon that is labelled “remove content”:

To delete the entire section containing your collections, scroll to the bottom of your list of content blocks and select “remove section”:

You are now super-knowledgeable about how to display your collections on your homepage. Experiment with which collections you’d like to show and see which works best for your customers.

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